3 Things You Can Do When You Hire a Long Term Disability Benefits Lawyer

Posted on: 17 September 2019


If you're seriously injured at work, you may no longer be fit to do the same work you did before. In that case, you may be entitled to long-term disability benefits. In order to claim these benefits, you'll have to go through the process of submitting an application. If your application is denied, you should consider appealing for a second opinion. Hiring a lawyer can make the entire process simpler. Here is more info on what you'll be able to do when you find a lawyer for your long-term disability benefits case:

1. You can find a lawyer to hire on contingency.

If you find a lawyer that's willing to work on contingency, they will take a portion of the money you're awarded if you win the case. If you don't win the case, you won't owe your lawyer any money. In general, this means a lawyer who works on contingency only take cases that they think have a good chance of winning. According to Nolo, your lawyer will probably take somewhere between 25–40% of the benefits you're owed.

2. You can consult a lawyer before you file for disability benefits.

Some people think lawyers are only useful for making appeals after their initial disability claim has been denied. However, the appeal process can be long and arduous. It's always better to get it right the first time. While you can't control the decision on your application, you can make approval as likely as possible by doing the application process correctly. A lawyer can double-check your disability claim to make sure everything is filled out correctly and accurately with no clerical errors. They can also advise you not to make common mistakes like quitting your job before receiving your disability benefits since that can void any benefits you may have received.

3. You can allow your lawyer to communicate with the insurance company.

You will need to be in communication with the insurance carrier that issues long term disability benefits. This may involve many phone calls and a lot of time spent on hold. If you don't know the correct questions to ask or the right things to say, you may end up wasting a lot of time for no real reward. Your lawyer can take over this part of the process for you. Lawyers are skilled representatives who know the laws governing disability benefits very well. You can allow them to take the lead and trust that they will represent your best interests.